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St. Patrick's Day Number Seek and Find Mats with Clovers

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About This Product

St. Patrick's Day Number Seek and Find Mats with Clovers

Designed with the preschool and kindergarten teaching professional in mind, these clover themed mats offer a refreshing approach to teaching number recognition while fostering handwriting skills as well.

Covering numbers from 1-20, these versatile tools will help young learners enjoy the process of finding numbers and tracing them onto the provided mats.

A unique feature of this resource is its adaptability for various usage scenarios:

  • As a hands-on math center activity
  • It becomes a write-and-wipe activity when laminated or inserted into page protectors
  • Inspires fun sensory bin experiences by placing letter cards amid sensory materials
Use it for 'Write the Room' activities where young explorers find hidden cards around their environment and then trace or write them onto their mats. 'Find & Cover' sessions elevate excitement when students draw a card then use magnets or bingo chips to cover corresponding numbers on their sheets! Dotting exercises are also doable if coupled with bingo markers. This resource serves not only as an efficient way to keep young minds engaged during lessons but also offers endless possibilities regarding ways students can seek out each number featured on our charmingly designed Number Seek & Find Mats!

The worksheets demand minimal preparation: simply print out and distribute as needed - whether it's homework assignments or small group exercises you envision, we've got you covered!

Within your digital kit you'll discover:
  1. The range mat encompasses 0-5;
  2. The wider range mat covers 0-10;
  3. The broad horizon mats span from 0-20.

  4. Number cards from 0-20 complete your teaching kit.
Finally, St. Patrick's Day Number Seek and Find Mats with Clovers were crafted with the intent to reduce both stress and preparation time faced by educators of today - sit back and engage in fun maths activities along with your students! This could be implemented in public school learning areas or versatile spaces within home-school setups alike. This resource supports early mathematics development across an age range suitable for both preschoolers and kindergartners.

What's Included

This product contains a PDF with the following

1 number mat for 0-5

1 number mat for 0-10

1 number mat for 0-20

number cards 0-20

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St Patrick's Day Number recognition Math center activity Hands-on learning Sensory bin

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