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Storytime Discoveries: Math

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Word Problems


Grade 1, 2, 3



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About This Product

Storytime Discoveries: Math

Designed meticulously for Grade 1 through Grade 3 students, Storytime Discoveries: Math makes the learning of math enjoyable and interactive. Its contents unravel creative ways to teach diverse mathematical concepts. Through the power of narrations—folktales, poems, fresh tales—it enables students not only to grasp math as a subject but also develop logical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities effortlessly.

This teaching resource comes in PDF format as a single product file. Unlike traditional pedagogical techniques, this unique resource incorporates extraordinary storytelling methods and interesting activities that fuel children's curiosity while teaching important concepts.

Diverse Subjects & Innovative Teaching Method:

  • Mesurements,
  • Shapes,
  • Telling Time,
  • Fractions...

The above subjects are taught via storytelling mechanism which makes learning complex concepts seem like child's play. Difficult topics become easy-to-grasp stories that foster intellectual development while keeping students engaged throughout the lesson.

Multipurpose Nature:

This educational tool is unique for its multipurpose nature that allows it to be implemented in numerous teaching scenarios like instructing an entire class or be divided amongst smaller groups for personal attention-based lessons at public schools or even homeschooling setups. Moreover, it serves as practical homework assignments since the engaging nature of this resource keeps children motivated independently without persistent supervision.

'Word Problems' Sub-Subject:
  • Serves real-life scenario simulations within activities and wholesome stories;
  • Encourages students to apply mathematical operations;
  • Simplifies abstract math problems into tangible comprehension quests.

In conclusion, Storytime Discoveries: Math is a must-have aid for any educator who values holistic educational resources that make lesson planning easier and more effective while fostering an inherent love for learning among young learners.

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