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Study of the Rape of Nanjing

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Grade 9, 10, 11, 12



Jason Stein
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About This Product

Study of the Rape of Nanjing is a comprehensive teaching resource designed to support educators in delivering lessons covering Asian and World History. Primarily intended for students studying at grade levels 9-12, the resource aims to deepen their understanding of historic events.

This educational product strives to help students grasp the harsh realities experienced during the devastating period known as The Rape of Nanjing. It prompts learners' motivation analysis, questioning why individuals may adopt horrific behaviors under specific circumstances.

A Multi-Faceted Approach

  • The assignment starts with reading and annotating a secondary source in pairs. Detailed instructions are given for this activity.

  • Learners then watch a brief video clip showcasing aspects of The Rape of Nanjing event. This component provides an engaging format with authentic exposure set within context.

  • The third step involves answering questions based on initial readings and video material, aiming to reinforce acquired knowledge through active application theories learned; hence honing problem-solving skills further.

Detailed Discussion:

In conclusion, an interactive classroom discussion centered around student responses from one selected question pushes them towards stimulating open dialogue while emphasizing significant critical thinking practices within academic frameworks effectively exercised.

Flexible Usage & Customization:

Crafted as Word Document files, these worksheets offer flexibility for ease-of-use in addition customization potentiality through editing or incorporating additional resources—catering varying teacher preferences or unique learner needs accordingly!

Study Of The Rape Of Nanjing, thus serves being just not some average addition but rather tremendously essential building blocks within any social studies curriculum aiming widening horizons—offering students abilities facing world-significant historical narratives captured via fruitful teaching methodologies fused into single informative package.

By breathing life into history surpassing textbook bounds it provides necessary tools honed shaping thoughtful citizens armed confronting our past's important teachings—reciprocating resonance addressing present-day challenges or peeping unto future uncertainties potentially!

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