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Sweet Scandinavian Modern Classroom Numbers 1-30

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About This Product

Sweet Scandinavian Modern Classroom Numbers 1-30

The Sweet Scandinavian Modern Classroom Numbers 1-30 offers an valuable educational tool for early learners up to grade 3 students. This classroom resource presents numbers from 1 to 30 in a colourful banner format, and image charts for the figures from 1 to 20. It’s designed to be printed on card stock, ensuring a smooth, bright finish that increases its visual appeal - critical when teaching younger students.

Charming Design with Educational Value

Influenced by delightful Scandinavian design elements, this resource can elevate any classroom atmosphere with its blends of charm and joyfulness. More than just visually pleasing, it assists students in grasping essential numeracy abilities like number recognition, sequencing, counting and basic calculations.

  • Versatile for various teaching settings such as whole group activities or small group instructions.
  • Ideal for counting stations or engaging number-related games during lessons.
  • Easily integrated into homework assignments helping children associate each number with the relevant count of objects at home.

Mainly created for educators who teach preschoolers through grade three pupils like public school teachers or homeschoolers alike will find this resource beneficial. The designs represent modern yet traditional aesthetics which are calming yet interesting for young minds.

Digital Convenience

This resource is available in PDF format making it easily accessible without the physical need of carrying hefty banners around. Explore math education through our Sweet Scandinavian Modern Classroom Numbers that promise not just appealing decoration but advances crucial mathematical competencies during your little geniuses' formative years! Remember: this product pairs wonderfully well with our bigger Sweet Scandinavian Classroom Bundle set.

What's Included

Includes banner numbers 1-30 and picture charts for 1-20!

***printing on card stock will help save ink and give you a more even, vibrant end result!***

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Scandinavian aesthetic Classroom decor Number recognition Numeracy skills Teaching resource

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