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Taking Flight Audio Book

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About This Product

Taking Flight Audio Book: A Teaching Resource

The Taking Flight Audio Book, a resource targeted towards Kindergarten, Preschool, and Grades 1 through 3 students, focuses on eagles, hawks, owls, falcons and vultures.

A Firm Handle on Fascinating Facts

  • Did you realize that owls have adapted to become nocturnal hunters?
  • How about the remarkable eyesight possessed by hawks that allows them to spot prey in daylight?

This audio book stimulates auditory learning while also fostering an interest in zoology within young scholars. Moreover, it equips educators with robust content for teaching science subjects effectively.

Versatile Learning Opportunities

This tool can be incorporated into various learning scenarios:

  1. Dwhole-group instructions: Teachers can pause and discuss key points collectively;
  2. Dsmall group sessions: Students express their thoughts;
  3. Hhomework assignments:: Kids explore at their own pace at home.

Your purchase includes one MP3 file for 'Taking Flight' ensuring easy accessibility across numerous devices. Also included is a fun song to aid with the learning process.

An Adventure in Science!

The ultimate purpose being getting children excited about exploring more facets of zoology beyond textbooks; turning a simple learning experience into an adventure with captivating narratives backed by scientific facts.

Fostering Appreciation for Nature's Wonders

Hence, it isn't just about teaching kids to identify these birds but also tapping into curiosity that helps them appreciate nature's myriad marvels.

What's Included

1 MP3 file for Taking Flight

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birds of prey zoology auditory learning educational resource lifecycles

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