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Tennessee State Flipbook (Capital, Bird, Flower, Flag, Animal)

An educational teaching resource from Heather Huhman entitled Tennessee State Flipbook (Capital, Bird, Flower, Flag, Animal) downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

Tennessee State Flipbook

The Tennessee State Flipbook is a comprehensive, hands-on learning resource that offers an interactive and engaging way to teach students about the state of Tennessee and its unique symbols. Designed primarily for grade 2-4 level students it covers subjects such as Art & Music, Social Studies, and Language Arts.

The Flipbook Project

This project comprises four distinct flipbooks with design options - with or without pictures, and two printing options - cutting required or not. Included in the 37 PDF pages are instructions for assembling these four types of flipbooks. The materials cover five major symbols of Tennessee including:

  • The capital
  • Bird
  • Petal emblem (flower)
  • The state flag
  • .
  • National animal
  • .

Cross-curricular activity Concept

This versatile teaching resource can be implemented in various academic domains including;

  1. History:Giving chronological events significance.
  2. .
  3. Art :Sensitizing Color sense among students.
  4. .
  5. Educating Topographical relevance /li>.
  6. A proper construction of sentences.
  7. .
  8. Promotion Of Essay writing skills etc under 'English Language Arts'.
  9. Honing Students Proficiency Skills:

    In addition,the project also hones reading abilities,facilitates methodical data handling and spelling power thereby polishing multiple skills simultaneously.

    • Reading (Comprehension Abilities)
    • Research (Methodical Data Collection & Analysis.)
    • .
    • Spelling.( Vocabulary)
    • .

      The Tennessee State Flipbook can be implemented as part of your social studies or history lessons,review activities,introduction to US,a homework assignment etc.


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