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Thanksgiving: Literacy Activities

An educational teaching resource from Socrates Lantern entitled Thanksgiving: Literacy Activities downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

As November approaches and Turkey Day draws near, it's time to awaken your students' creativity with this Thanksgiving Writing Prompt and Literacy Activities. When I think of creative juices flowing, I can almost smell the delightful aroma of turkey roasting in the oven.

In this writing prompt, titled "If this Turkey Could Talk, What would he say?" students will explore the perspective of the turkey and imagine what thoughts might be going through its mind. The inspiration for this prompt came from a clever caricature created by my artist cousin, which I proudly displayed on the bulletin board—history was made as the kids loved it, and I'm sure yours will too.

Additionally, if planning engaging grammar activities feels like a chore, worry not, as I've got you covered once again with a no-prep printable ELA/Language Arts package. The best part is that each sentence is Thanksgiving-themed, adding a festive touch to the learning experience.

With all these activities ready to go, you can now focus more on teaching and less on planning, especially during this busy time of year when there are other things to think about!

◈  Experts in the field of creative writing have said:                                                                                  

    ◈ Creative writing cultivates artistic expression.

    ◈ Creative writing nurtures the thinking process.

    ◈ Creative writing feeds the imagination.

Experts in the field of grammar have said:                                                                                  

    ◈ “Grammar is the means through which linguistic creativity is

         achieved.”  Wilkins

    ◈   Grammar is the foundation of language.        

    ◈   Grammar helps us use language correctly.

    ◈   Grammar gives us insight into the framework of language.

    ◈   Grammar helps us to understand the structure of language.


◈  This is what’s included:

    ◈ 4 Kinds of Sentences (Interrogative, Imperative,   

        Exclamatory, Declarative

    ◈  Singular/Plural Sentence Practice

    ◈ Complete Lesson Plan for Writing Prompt

    ◈ Student Worksheet

    ◈ Final Copy Sheet

    ◈ Grading Rubric

    ◈ Turkey Image for Bulletin Board

    ◈ Black/White Turkey to Color

    ◈ November Crossword Puzzle

       November Crossword Puzzle Clues

    ◈ Answer Sheets for Grammar Activities & Crossword Puzzle


FOR ME, AS A TEACHER: Thanksgiving is a time of anticipation and excitement. It’s the beginning of the holiday season and many kids are      antsy and ready for a break so I always like to come up with an activity that will be engaging and educational at the same time.  Even those kids who aren’t particularly interested in school have come up with some great stories about the turkey.  I hope that you enjoy this resource as much as I have.


This resource can be used for: 

✔  Special Ed Classrooms

✔ Remedial Classrooms

✔ Home School


 ☼  Helping teachers inspire students with engaging lessons that will be remembered long after they’ve left your classroom.…☼

Copyright©2016 Deann Marin (Socrates Lantern)

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