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Thanksgiving Opinion Writing Step-by-Step (Would You Rather)

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Grade 2, 3, 4





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About This Product

The Thanksgiving Opinion Writing Step-by-Step (Would You Rather)

The Thanksgiving Opinion Writing Step-by-Step (Would You Rather) is an immersive education resource, perfect for second, third and fourth-grade educators alongside homeschooling parents and cooperatives. This product combines the methodology of opinion writing with a delightful thanksgiving theme, incorporating a unique element of choice.

Product Features

  • Colored and black & white versions of 11 Thanksgiving-themed food cards viz., apples, bread, carrots, corn etc., providing 55 unique combinations.
  • Possibility for individual or group-based research on chosen/assigned food pairs.
  • Mix-and-match research report pages and leveled opinion writing graphic organizers personalized to each learner's level of mastery.
  • Detailed step-by-step instructions including sentence starters and transitions to foster critical thinking throughout the process.

This versatile teaching tool enhances various curricular areas like English language arts lesson plans but also integrates into units such as history, holiday readings social studies spelling writing - making it perfect for themed celebrations or unit studies during the holiday season. The low prep nature ensures convenience for educators while ensuring a stimulating learning atmosphere for students.


A special mention that these resources are printer-friendly hence cost-effective; purchasing multiple licenses can then benefit more individuals. It includes ongoing updates adding value over time at no extra costs. However please remember refunds cannot be processed post-purchase incase any queries had remained unaddressed prior to purchase.
To wrap up try this resource which does not merely develop writing skills but blends knowledge from varied curriculum areas too thus developing a holistic learner experience!

What's Included


Thanksgiving cards (11 in color and 11 in B&W)

Mix and match research report pages

Differentiated opinion writing graphic organizers (3 levels)

Step-by-step opinion writing instructions and checklists

Sentences starters and transitions

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Thanksgiving Opinion writing Research Graphic organizers Classroom resource

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