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Composers Opinion Writing Step-by-Step (Would You Rather)

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Grade 2, 3, 4





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About This Product

Composers Opinion Writing Step-by-Step (Would You Rather)

This is an engaging teaching resource designed for educators of second, third, and fourth graders. This low-prep activity uses a fun thematic approach in English language arts and music studies, making teaching easier.


This activity revolves around a composers-themed opinion writing. It offers students step-by-step guidance through the research and composition process. It includes cards, mix-and-match research report pages, differentiated graphic organizers across three learning levels and sentence starters & transitions focusing on grammatical accuracy.

  • The main resource: 31 composer cards which can be used individually or in small groups to conduct thorough research.
  • Engagement: Opinion writing comes alive based on well-researched information about famous composers like Mozart, Beethoven, Bach etc., their instruments or famous works.
  • Note: The activities are not solely for language arts classes but can also apply to social studies due to historical contexts provided about these composers' lives.

Foster Skills Development

The resource fosters more than subject mastery development; it helps students acquire critical thinking skills essential for forming educated opinions. Students actively learn by obtaining factual information from credible sources through their individual assignments while promoting communication during group projects.

Easily Accessible Resource

Included as a PDF file makes it easy for teachers not only to access but also print this adaptable tool – whether teaching in school or instructing child at home via home-study program. Integrating seamlessly into an existing curriculum or forms the core of unit study on composers yielding possibilities that delve deep into music history along with honing language arts skills.

This Resource Provides:

  • Opportunity to delve deep into music history while also improving language arts skills.
  • An effective teaching tool for public, private or homeschool educators

In conclusion, Composers Opinion Writing Step-by-Step (Would You Rather) is an academic and creative resource awaiting classroom exploration.

What's Included


Composer, instrument, and famous works cards (31 in color and 31 in B&W)

Mix and match research report pages

Differentiated opinion writing graphic organizers (3 levels)

Step-by-step opinion writing instructions and checklists

Sentences starters and transitions

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composers opinion writing research music studies critical thinking

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