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Inventors Opinion Writing Step-by-Step (Would You Rather)

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Grade 2, 3, 4





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About This Product

Inventors Opinion Writing Step-by-Step (Would You Rather)

This product offers a unique, engaging approach to teaching opinion writing skills. It is perfect for group lessons, individual assignments, or as homework and can be used by teachers and homeschoolers alike. The focus is on five stages of opinion writing all revolving around the exciting topic of prominent inventors.

Key Features

  • Detailed step-by-step guide
  • Theme-based learning centered around famous inventors like Ada Lovelace or Alexander Graham Bell
  • Flexibility in implementing lesson plans
  • Cross-curricular approach integrating science, social studies, and history

Stages of Opinion Writing Process Included:

  1. Research and brainstorming
  2. Crafting reasons and examples
  3. Creating introductions and conclusions
  4. Drafting procedures and revising them if needed
  5. < li >Development of the final draft < / ol >

    The Unique Elements Offered:

      < li >< em >780 possible combinations through inventive theme cards for diversified engagement. < li >< em >Differentiated graphic organizers catering to varied handwriting skill levels.< /em > < i >< strong>< ll >< />< />< />< >< > < p>In conclusion this resourceful digital pdf emerges as an ideal tool to develop expert opinion writers in an engaging educational environment.< /p >

What's Included

94 PDF pages

Teacher instructions

Topic cards (40 in color and 40 in B&W; 780 unique combinations of the inventors)

Mix and match research report pages

Differentiated opinion writing graphic organizers (3 levels)

Step-by-step opinion writing instructions and checklists

Sentences starters and transitions

BONUS DOWNLOAD: Anchor charts, writing rubrics, and helpful bookmarks

Resource Tags

opinion writing inventors research skills argumentative writing cross-curricular instruction

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