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Thanksgiving Roll a Number

An educational teaching resource from Oh Boy Homeschool entitled Thanksgiving Roll a Number downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

Thanksgiving Roll a Number

The Thanksgiving Roll A Number teaching resource is designed to provide educators, whether in public schools or home-schooling settings, with an engaging and enjoyable way to reinforce counting skills and number recognition during thematic learning around Thanksgiving, the Pilgrims, and the Mayflower. This gratifying educational resource focuses on enhancing essential math skills while also providing ample opportunities for fun and excitement for the students.

Comprised of 69 printable pages in PDF format, this teaching tool features 19 creative worksheets that are available in both color and black-and-white versions. Care has been taken to create these worksheets to be highly adaptable. They can be used by teachers as a whole group activity or assigned for individual practice enhancing student's math skills making learning interactive.


The prep work needed for this resource is minimal– simply print the required pages from this extensive packet, assemble the accompanying dice by folding along designated lines and securing it together. The next step is just as easy; instruct your students to roll the die they've created.

  • Tactile Learning: The learners will engage their critical thinking abilities by reading numbers represented through dots, tally marks, pictures etc., then cover corresponding numeric values using different materials like playdough balls or pom poms; you could even switch it up with bingo markers or color pencils adding an element of creativity.
  • Vibrant Visuals: This blend of vibrant visuals with hands-on learning not only boosts numerical understanding but also reinforces tactile acuity among learners.
  • Holiday Themed Lesson Plan:: Whether you're preparing a complete lesson plan around Thanksgiving theme or intending to use an enjoyable game as homework assignment- The Thanksgiving Roll a Number will prove invaluable in sparking interest among young minds about numbers while contributing significantly towards their comprehensive development!

What's Included

69 printable pages in PDF Format

Resource Tags

Thanksgiving Roll a Number Counting skills Number recognition Math skills

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