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Roll a Number Apple Theme

An educational teaching resource from Oh Boy Homeschool entitled Roll a Number Apple Theme downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

Roll a Number Apple Theme

The Roll a Number Apple Theme is an innovative education tool that introduces fresh dynamism into number recognition and counting skills. Catering specifically to young learners between preschool and grade 2, this unique resource brings in an extra layer of vibrancy into your apple unit, transforming it beyond the regular methods of teaching.

Once you open the packet, you will find 16 workmats. Each mat has been crafted carefully with color or monochromatic designs to suit diverse printing preferences. To actualize this interactive game, educators simply have to print the desired pages along with the dice template that comes as part of the package.

Number recognition made fun:
  • Learners roll the die which reveals their task.
  • Numerical tasks are weaved seamlessly making it enjoyable for students who, aside from counting dots or tally marks also read out numbers.

User-Friendly Options:

  • Group Activities:

    The mats act effectively for group activities as all children get an opportunity to roll together and count simultaneously thus creating an environment encouraging collaborative learning.

  • Small Group Learning:

    In smaller gatherings, these mats could aid mutual learning where each child gets a turn to roll dice identifying numbers in turn.

  • Homeschooling:

    The mats refine classroom teachings at home whilst developing independence using playdough balls,pom poms or buttons at home for marking correct numbers dispersed individually by students.

To deepen engagement amongst children who enjoy playful interaction based on colors; bingo markers or coloring utensils can be utilized on these multipurpose workmats. This strategy provides more flexibility within a single resource during your apple unit study!


The compilation of all these elements into one PDF file guarantees effortless incorporation of this tool into your teaching resources. This will certainly not compromise its adeptness but rather, enhance it. The Roll A Number Apple Theme thus encourages interesting numeric exploration, leading young minds towards confident number comprehension.

What's Included

14 printable pages in PDF Format

Resource Tags

apple theme number recognition counting skills interactive game numeracy development

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