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"The Ancient Ones, A Play about the Anasazi" - A History Play

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Grade 7, 8, 9, 10



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The Ancient Ones, a Play about the Anasazi
An incredible teaching resource that offers interaction with the fascinating history of Pre-Columbian civilizations. Designed for grades 7-10, this material connects Social Studies and History, concentrating on ancient times. Its primary purpose is to spark students' curiosity in examining America's rich history before Columbus.

This play lasts around 10-15 minutes. Coupled perfectly with traditional taught lessons, it provides splendid reinforcement and hands-on knowledge application regarding the Anasazi civilization - one notable tribe during pre-Columban times. Essentially integrating drama into pedagogical methods thus enhancing student engagement.

  • Structured delightfully for distribution among all learners instead of just potential actors.
  • It allows each student to participate as they solidify their understanding through excellent role-play or attentive observation while highlighting acquired key words from prior discussions and assignments.
A fantastic feature of this 3-page Word document resource is its adaptability; ideal for use in whole class activities, small group interactions or even an exciting homework that encourages parent participation!
Plus Points:
  1. All learners can participate as they reinforce their understanding by role-playing or attentively observing and pointing out key words."
  2. Repeated usage encouraged acting as an effective study aid in future – facilitating long-term retention concerning dictionaries related to the Anasazi people.
Focusing on middle schoolers (Grade 7) up until high school sophomores (Grade 10), The Ancient Ones caters towards diverse learning styles by combining visual (written content), auditory (reading aloud), and kinesthetic methods(moving around while acting). Promoting interaction amongst peers throughout enriches social skills development along-with seamlessly acquiring crucial historical insights!
Grab this opportunity to provide your students with not just another history lesson but rather a unique journey back in time – inviting them to experience life as The Ancient Ones.

What's Included

3-page Word doc

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Anasazi civilization Pre-Columbian history interactive learning role-play educational resource

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