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The Cardiac Cycle (Systole and Diastole)

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Human Body


Grade 9, 10

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About This Product

The Cardiac Cycle (Systole and Diastole) Lesson Plan

This lesson plan provides an in-depth guide through the complex world of cardiovascular function, simplifying various elements of the heart's activity for 9th and 10th-grade science students. The focus is chiefly on the Human Body subcategory.

The teaching aide utilizes a comprehensive PowerPoint format with 24 informational slides that visually engage students. Starting from understanding where blood travels within the body - key to comprehending complex cardio processes - it drills down to specifics about systolic and diastolic phases of cardiac contraction. Vivid visual aids assist in reinforcing these new concepts.

Learning Objectives

Clearly defined objectives ensure learners at different levels have relatable takeaways from the lesson including:

  • An understanding of how blood flows through the heart.
  • A deeper insight into how heart serves as a dual-action pump during cardiac cycle specially designed for advanced learners.

Critical Thinking Opportunities

Pupils are challenged with thought-provoking queries about potential changes in aspects like blood flow rate, stroke volumes or cardiac output variations - meant to stimulate further inquiry and analysis.

Versatility Across Learning Environments & Teaching Styles

This detailed teaching resource can be used effectively across different educational settings:

  1. Serving as part of whole class instruction where group discussions drive interest and deepen understanding or,
  2. Serving as individual study tools allowing for specific topic focus.
The Cardiac Cycle (Systole and Diastole): An informative yet adaptable asset – ideal companion to educators seeking accessible but challenging content that fits seamlessly across diverse teaching methods ensuring grasp of scientific principles much simpler.

In essence, this exclusively formulated Microsoft PowerPoint file combines engaging visuals with well-structured data guiding students in the intricate operations of the heart - making it a truly invaluable resource.

What's Included

24 Slide PowerPoint Lesson Presentation

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