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The Crucible (1996): Complete Movie Guide

An educational teaching resource from Dr. Will Pulgarin entitled The Crucible (1996): Complete Movie Guide downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

The story is set in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692, during the height of the Salem witch trials. The movie follows the character of John Proctor (played by Daniel Day-Lewis), a farmer who is married to Elizabeth Proctor (played by Joan Allen). When several young girls in the town are caught dancing in the woods, they accuse various people in the community of witchcraft, including John's wife. As hysteria and fear grip the town, the local authorities, led by the Reverend Parris (played by Bruce Davison), begin conducting trials to determine who is guilty of witchcraft. John finds himself caught up in the frenzy, as he tries to defend his wife and confront the lies and deceit that are tearing apart the community. The film explores themes of truth, justice, and the dangers of mass hysteria and mob mentality. It also examines the power dynamics at play in the town, with wealthy and powerful individuals using the trials to further their own agendas and manipulate the townspeople. In the end, the movie depicts the tragic consequences of the witch trials, with many innocent people being executed and the town left in turmoil. The film serves as a powerful commentary on the dangers of allowing fear and suspicion to drive our actions, and the importance of standing up for what is right even in the face of overwhelming opposition.

This product includes a character guide, time stamps, and 32-questions that will help your students get this most out of this movie! The product comes with a teacher key. Ready to use - no prep!

What's Included

Character reference sheet

Teacher key

Student key

Time Stamps

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