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The Family Under the Bridge - Literature Kit Gr. 3-4

The Family Under the Bridge - Literature Kit Gr. 3-4
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Grade 3, 4



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About This Product

The Family Under the Bridge - Literature Kit Gr. 3-4

This is a resourceful teaching material that aims to expose Grade 3 and Grade 4 students to poverty reality while emphasising the strength rooted from family ties. The literature kit allows for an analytical outlook on the story including elements such as its setting, conflict, point of view and theme among others.

As part of this interactive tool, multi-leveled questions are provided which serves to stimulate in-depth analysis and possible links with real-world scenarios. Learning activities include:

  • Analyzing settings as a means to explore France's rich history subtly incorporating geography into language arts learning,
  • Interpreting Armand's ironic conversation with pigeons stimulating discussions on irony as a literary device furniture.
Comprehension activities include:
  • A fill-in-the-blank paragraph for each segment of the novel helps strengthen retention abilities while promoting recall skills,
  • A cliffhanger ending that encourages predictive practices while sparking curiosity regarding narrative outcomes.
Extension Activities
  1. The literature kit comes with extension activities including research on Provence, Saint Sara or Tournelle Bridge enhancing independent learning skills along with an understanding of cultural contexts presented within the novel 'The Family Under The Bridge'.
  2. .
  3. Crossword puzzles and word searches add fun aspects into consolidation exercises serving as both recreational yet cognitive engagement tools.

Incorporated Pedagogy & Assessment Strategies:

Governed by State Standards featuring Bloom's Taxonomy model renders this instructional material appropriate for developmental pedagogy suitable for grade levels 3-4 learners'. Comprehension quizzes along with the provided answer key serve as credible tools for gauging student understanding at various stages offering flexible modes for formative assessment strategies – apt for both traditional classroom settings and homeschool environments.


This product accommodates a single PDF file designed to make lesson planning less time-consuming yet more impactful. It covers language arts curriculum requirements by incorporating Natalie Savage Carlson's renowned Literature: 'The Family Under The Bridge'.

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