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The Five Parts of a Letter

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Grade 2, 3, 4, 5





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About This Product

The Five Parts of a Letter –

Use this activity to learn and review the Five Parts of a Letter. This interactive activity not only educates students on the structure of a letter but also allows them to practice and apply their knowledge with various activities.

Understanding the Five Parts of a Letter

This activity includes a visually appealing poster that clearly illustrates the five parts of a letter. The poster can be displayed on a writing bulletin board, projected, or printed for students, serving as a quick teaching and reference tool.

Engaging Practice and Real-World Application

Once students have familiarized themselves with the five parts of a letter, they can put their knowledge to the test with an fun cut and paste activity. This interactive hand-on-practice reinforces their understanding and helps consolidate their knowledge.

In addition, with the letter template students have the opportunity to draft their own letter to a friend, teacher, parent.etc.

Supportive Letter-Writing Checklist

To further support students in their letter-writing skills, a letter-writing checklist is included in this activity. Teachers can print and distribute the checklist to students, which serves as a useful guide to ensure they have successfully incorporated all the vital components of a letter.

Combines visual, hands-on, and practical application

helping students develop essential writing skills.

What's Included:

7-page PDF, containing:

A visually appealing poster showcasing the five parts of a letter

An engaging cut-and-paste activity

A helpful letter-writing checklist

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