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The Forbidden City : Mini Unit

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Grade 7, 8, 9, 10

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About This Product

The Forbidden City: Mini Unit

This teaching resource is designed for the seventh to tenth-grade curriculum, with a particular focus on Asian History in Social Studies programs. It complements any study or discussion about Chinese history and culture.

What's Included:

  • New depth to The Forbidden City's history and architecture
  • Reading materials, timeline templates and images
  • Worksheets with answer keys and presentation materials
  • Detailed PowerPoint Presentation that evolves throughout the unit.
Special Features:

The project includes lesson plans for each session, continuity assurance in dealing with the subject matter, as well as beneficial video links. Through this unit we examine 24 buildings or landmarks in The Forbidden City including information cards with images of the structures layout plan.

Student Activities:

  • The historical timeline of The Forbidden City comes alive through a final summarizing activity all detailed within this mini-unit complete with essential resources for successful project assembly.
Digital Resource Options:

This resource features various digital file types such as PPT files for presentations, PDFs for classroom activity worksheets, alongside compressed worksheet files where storage space may be limited.

Potential Applications:

  • Suitable implementations include group projects fostering team learning dynamics attending equally efficiently to homework assignments which promote independent learning skills across grades seven through ten inclusive.
About This Resource:

Educate young learners on one of China’s most iconic cultural landmarks using 'The Forbidden City: Mini Unit'. Use this resource to bring innovation into your teaching approach while providing depth to Asian history education within your classroom teachings.

What's Included

1 PPT with Presentation

1 PPT with worksheets

1 PDF with worksheets

1 PDF with worksheets compressed.

Resource Tags

Forbidden City Chinese history Asian culture architecture educational resource

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