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The Picture of Dorian Gray Introduction Power Point

The Picture of Dorian Gray Introduction Power Point
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Grade 9, 10, 11, 12

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About This Product

The Picture of Dorian Gray Introduction Power Point

Keen on introducing the world of Oscar Wilde's 'The Picture of Dorian Gray' to your students? Start your exploration with this complete, context-rich power point presentation.

  • Oscar Wilde's Life & Works: Get an in-depth look into his intriguing personal and professional life, offering a solid platform for understanding 'The Picture of Dorian Gray'.
  • Historical Context: Immerse students in the gritty reality of 19th-century London, painting a vivid backdrop for Wilde's narrative and enabling a deeper comprehension.
  • Novel Insights: From notable stylistic devices to critical settings like time & place prominent in 'The Picture Of Dorian Gray', ensure your pupils grasp integral story elements that go beyond the mere plotline.
  • Main Character Analysis–Dorian Gray: Detailed examination aids understanding complex personality traits while tracing these characteristics back to broader themes within novel.

Moving beyond characters and plots, shed light onto intricate webs spun using elements like Themes&[Symbols](#) covered thoroughly within resource. These serve as anchors pushing narratives forward adding another layer behind literary dealings.

Cognitive Learning & Inquiry-Based Understanding: Essential Questions

Last but not least, we round off learning journey with essential questions encompassing broad swaths literary explorations tying back towards cognitive learning skills indicative of inquiry-based education approach beneficial especially for Grades 9-12.

Presentation Features

Fitted specifically for Microsoft PowerPoint ensures seamless compatibility on delivery. Moreover this resource is versatile enough catering to class-wide lectures or smaller group discussions whilst also serving as homework-based independent exploratory material for students.

No matter your teaching preference, our 'The Picture of Dorian Gray Introduction' power point is meticulously designed to enhance literary exploration journey right from Wilde's life till winding up at critical evaluation of his book equipping students with an enriching and integrative learning experience.

What's Included

Studying The Picture of Dorian Gray? Don't know where to begin? Then this product is for you! Includes a power point with: Oscar Wilde Life and Works, Historical Context, London: Industrial City, Crime, Picture of Dorian Gray: Time and Style, Dorian’s Personality, Themes, Symbols, and Essential Questions. A great way to start off a unit on Oscar Wilde's classic novel The Picture of Dorian Gray!

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