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The Pilgrims and the Plymouth Settlement, Readers Theater

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History: USA



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Here is a play to help deliver any lesson about the Pilgrims and their settlement in the Plymouth colony. I have enjoyed using this as a resource in my classroom for years.. Here is what is included in the play. It explains why the Pilgrims were in Holland, why they came to North America, events on board ship, and what happened after they arrived. Students like to be active in the classroom. This is an activity to get them up and moving! There are a number of roles for students.

The voyage on the Mayflower seems fascinating to us but in reality it had to be very scary and very boring! However, there were some interesting events to take place on the voyage over. The play does identify why the people we call "Pilgrims" today were in Holland and why they felt the need to leave. Most of the major events on the voyage are covered in the play and even some of what the Pilgrims experienced in what we now call the state of Massachusetts. This works well as an engaging acivity for students.

Overall, this takes about 15-20 minutes to complete and your students will love it! If you enjoy including activities like this in your lessons, there are more plays and skits I've created that will be on this TeachSimple website. Have fun! :-)

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