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The Southern Colonies in North America, a classroom skit

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History: USA



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This play complements the other plays I have on TeachSimple about the colonial era in American History. You can also find the Life in the Middle Colonies and Life in the New England Colonies plays here. My 7th graders have enjoyed these for years. However, these work well for all grades between 6th and 12th.

History comes alive in the classroom when students are using plays and skits. Reader's Theater is a great way to enhance any lesson, including the southern colonies, either to introduce some of the characteristics of this region or reinforce what you have been teaching. There are four roles in this play. It will take about 15-20 minutes to complete. Although the play was created by me it is based on an actual historical figure of that time - Henry Middleton and the Middleton family. The Middleton Plantation still exists in the Charleston area in South Carolina. The gardens he started are still there.

All of my skits are written to engage students and get them thinking. This is what I call a "lesson enhancer". It will help add to any lesson on life in the southern English provinces.

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