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The Roman Empire Webquest

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Grade 6, 7, 8





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Seeking an engaging method to teach your 6-8 graders about ancient history? The Roman Empire: Web Quest might be your solution. This resource is designed to immerse students in the grandeur of Rome. Far from the traditional lecture-based approach, this hands-on, Project-Based Learning (PBL) activity encourages collaborative group work, making the learning process enticing, challenging, and enjoyable.

Instead of the standard reading and answering routine, which can often disengage students, The Roman Empire: Web Quest allows students to actively travel back to Ancient Rome. Here, they delve into investigations about life during that era. Collaborative groups select one of seven focus areas, conducting research, taking notes, and later sharing their findings with the class.

A unique component involves students writing diary entries, imagining a day in the life of a Roman. This assignment not only adds depth to their understanding but can also double up as both a Social Studies and English grade for those teaching both subjects. The program is exhaustive, featuring a mini-history book, graphic organizers, pre-writing pages, and a grading rubric.

It's a well-acknowledged fact that students often forget lessons post-examination. However, I am confident that this hands-on approach will leave an indelible mark, creating memories that linger even after they move on from your classroom.

Experts in the field frequently advocate for project-based learning. They believe that PBL not only enhances learning competencies required for academic and life successes but also combats the prevailing sentiment among students that education can be monotonous. PBL ensures students are active and engaged learners. With current educational standards, like the Common Core, emphasizing real-world applications of knowledge, PBL stands out as an approach that fosters problem-solving. Furthermore, the collaborative nature of PBL activities aids character development, and it's observed that students tend to understand and retain content more effectively through PBL than traditional teaching methods.

⎈ Complete Lesson Plans
⎈ Mini Ancient Rome History Booklet with Questions, Answers and Web Links
⎈ Assignment Sheets for Students with or without Costumes/Disguises
⎈ Images with Roman Dress
⎈ Information on Grading
⎈ Grading Rubric for Web Quest
⎈ Grading Rubric for Diary Entry Can Also be Used for ELA Grade if Desired
⎈ Assignment for Diary Entry
⎈ Graphic Organizers
⎈ Pre-Writing Pages
⎈ Handouts with Questions for Each Group
⎈ Pages for Notes
⎈ Handouts with Comprehensive Lists of Web Links
⎈ Diary Covers and Pages
⎈ Common Core Standards

I REMEMBER sitting in history class, as a student, and being bored out of my mind. The teacher just lectured and all I could do was look at the clock and wish that I was some place else ANYPLACE else! Needless to say I learned very little that year. I only began liking ancient history after I became a 6th grade teacher, years later, and vowed that I would make it come alive for my children. I didn't want them to go through what I did.  That negative experience gave me the impetus to use PBL learning in most of my teaching and I’m so glad I did.

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 Gifted Classes

 World History/ELA Classes

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☼ Lighting the path to knowledge with enticing and exciting activities that they'll remember long after they've left your classroom


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