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Themed Art by Month

Themed Art by Month
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About This Product

This is a great Themed Art by the Month Packet.


Unfortunately, many of us do not have the time to incorporate art into our school days or even weeks. Sometime each month, get this book out and let your students show off their individual creativity. As you will see, some months require more imagination than others!


The months and their art templates are as follows:


January – snowman


February – heart


March – pot of gold


April – rainy showers


May – bouquet of flowers


June – on the beach


July – storm clouds


August – school supplies


September – bare tree


October – pumpkin


November – turkey


December – tree


For each month, students can:


-Decorate that template with their individual art supplies, such as markers and crayons.

-Decorate the template with art supplies such as string, tissue paper, buttons, felt, etc.

-Add additional features to the template. Can they enhance their picture by drawing more characters or more backgrounds?


Extension activities can be added to any of these art templates. Examples of some extension activities include:

-Have students write a short story BEFORE showing them what the template for the day will look like. After they have written their story, challenge them to make their picture represent their short story.

-Have students write a short story AFTER they have finished decorating their art template.

-Have students work with a partner to decide how they could decorate their picture together.

What's Included

12 page printable PDF

12 slide editable PowerPoint

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