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Language Arts | Grade 8, 9, 10, 11 | Lesson Plans

Too Soon a Woman: Full Lesson Plan w/ PowerPoints & Graphic Organizers

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About This Product

This resource will give you everything you need to complete a full, comprehensive reading lesson plan for Too Soon a Woman text by Dorothy M. Johnson. Files are offered as PDFs and Word documents.


-Too Soon a Woman Lesson Plan

-Too Soon a Woman Worksheet

-Too Soon a Woman Answer Key

Graphic Organizers:

  1. Author’s Purpose

  2. Characterization Chart

  3. Figurative Language Chart

  4. Historical Analysis Chart

  5. Imagery Chart

  6. Peer Evaluation Sheet

  7. Plot Diagram

  8. Read for Detail

  9. Setting

  10. Style Chart

  11. Symbol Chart

  12. Symbolism Chart

  13. Theme Diagram

  14. Tone and Mood Diagram

  15. Universal Plot Diagram

  16. Venn Diagram


  1. Characterization

  2. Imagery, Voice, and Persona

  3. Irony and Ambiguity

  4. Narrator and Voice

  5. Plot Structure

  6. Symbolism and Allegory

  7. Theme - How to Interpret

  8. Theme

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What's Included

1 zip file with:

-8 PowerPoints

-19 PDFs with ready to print pages

-18 Word documents with ready to print pages

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