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TRACING LINES - 14 Exercises Pages

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1. Introduction

As is known by educational agents, graphomotor skills refer to the sets of skills and/or abilities that involve hand-eye coordination during the writing and drawing activities carried out by the child, which provides great benefits for the development of the students. For this reason, today I have created this fantastic educational worksheet for your students.


The objectives of this sheet are:

- Develop fine motor coordination: As is known, graphomotor skills involve fine and coordinated movements of the fingers and hands. By practicing activities that require the exercise of precise strokes, students will improve their fine motor coordination, which is essential for them to later perform common day-to-day activities such as fastening buttons, writing, tracing, etc.

- Prepare for writing: Graphomotor skills are an important precursor activity for the development of the next reading skills. It is through these activities that involve making strokes and lines, that children will strengthen the muscles necessary to then hold the pencil properly as well as coordinate movements to form numbers and letters.

-Stimulate cognitive development: As is known, the connection between hand movement and vision during graphomotor skills will stimulate the cognitive development of students. Thus, children will learn to observe, plan as well as execute specific movements, which will contribute to the development and exercise of cognitive skills such as memory and attention.

- Encourage creativity and artistic expression: Graphomotor skills are not only restricted to writing, but also involve artistic activities such as coloring and drawing. All of these activities will not only develop motor skills, but will also encourage students' creativity and artistic expression by giving them the opportunity to put their ideas on paper.

3.Order, scheme and stages

First start your class with an activity that stimulates your children, such as a short dynamic, song, and then just start with the present activity.

4.Grades or ages

This worksheet is planned for children ages 4-7.

5. Form of application

This sheet must be applied individually.

6. Answer keys

This educational product does not require an answer key.

7.Use text labels

graphomotor skills, strokes, drawing lines, strokes for children.


Specified above.

9.File types

The archive is in PDF format.

10.Number of pages

This document contains 14 pages.

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