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U.S States and Capitals Set 3 TASK CARDS

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Grade 5, 6, 7





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About This Product

Are you teaching U.S. states and capitals to your upper elementary or middle school learners? Add this learning activity to your curriculum that is sure to excite and engage learners as they focus on geography and history of the United States. This set of 20 task cards rounds out the final 10 states (Texas through Wyoming) as your learners strengthen their skills in learning about this great country. Ten additional states are also included as a quick review of states and capitals they have previously learned. Your learners will enjoy the different modes of learning presented in this set of task cards. There are four types of cards, all which focus on the concept of states and capitals, but also add an element of fun facts about the states. As learners complete the main objective of identifying states and their capitals, they will also be presented with state birds, state flowers, state flags, and the years of statehood. Their task of answering each question is not limited to simply writing the capital of the given state. Instead, they will use previously acquired knowledge to find answers to the provided clues. They’ll use map and geography skills, pair states with capitals and vice versa, and identify the correct state capital from given choices. Task cards are a unique learning activity in that they are versatile and engage various parts of learners’ brains. Rather than sitting at a desk and completing a worksheet, task cards get learners up and moving. They can focus on the task at hand while also engaging with fellow learners and/or taking in sunshine and fresh air in an outdoor learning environment. As an educator, you will benefit from the year over year learning activity these task cards provide. Print the cards on cardstock and laminate for durability. Two answer recording sheets are included on one page to allow for a reduction in ink or number of copies. To save you time while grading, the answer key is provided. See below for details of each task card.


PAGE 1: Task Cards #1-4: TX (silhouette and multiple choice), VT (year of statehood and picture of the state flag), WY (picture of the state flower), WI (picture of the state bird)

PAGE 2: Task Cards # 5-8: VA (silhouette and multiple choice), WA (year of statehood and picture of the state flag), TN (picture of the state flower), SD (picture of the state bird)

PAGE 3: Task Cards #9-12: UT (silhouette and multiple choice), WV (year of statehood and picture of the state flag), AR (picture of the state flower), CA (picture of the state bird)

PAGE 4: Task Cards #13-16: AK (silhouette and multiple choice), FL (year of statehood and picture of the state flag), NE (picture of the state flower), MD (picture of the state bird)

PAGE 5: Task Cards # 17-20: NC (silhouette and multiple choice), MT (year of statehood and picture of the state flag), MA (picture of the state flower), LA (picture of the state bird)

PAGE 6: Two answer recording sheets



Two additional sets are available: U.S. States and Capitals Set 1 TASK CARDS and U.S. States and Capitals Set 2 TASK CARDS.

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