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Use of Chemical Elements Editable PowerPoint Presentation

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Grade 6, 7, 8, 9

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About This Product


The Use of Chemical Elements Editable PowerPoint Presentation is a comprehensive resource designed to aid in-depth understanding of chemical elements, their properties, and applications. The content is tailored for educators and students in grade 6 through 9.

Main Features

  • Detailed information about each chemical element from Hydrogen (H, atomic number 1) to Californium (Cf, atomic number 98).
  • Straightforward representation of complex topics using relatable examples.
  • Slide-numbering corresponds with the atomic numbers for easy location of elements within the material.
  • All elements between numbers 99-118 are condensed into one slide due to their lesser-known uses.


The presentation should be used as supplementary content rather than main teaching material. It acts as a complement to standard textbooks by covering areas where they might fall short.

Editability & Customizability:

A standout feature of this resource is that users can edit all parts freely - invaluable for teachers wanting to insert extra details or customize delivery approaches according to individual teaching styles or student's needs.

This makes it perfect not only for regular classes but also suitable for small study groups.

Beyond just serving as an excellent tool in teaching Science and Chemistry topics, this visual-rich resource fosters better comprehension while encouraging interest among students - leading potentially higher retention rates. Lastly, it also proves useful homework assignment reference material.

Incorporate the 'Use of Chemical Elements Editable PowerPoint Presentation' into your educational toolkit today!.


What's Included

100 editable PowerPoint slides

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