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Using Friendly Talk Social Skills Story and Activities

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Life Skills



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About This Product

Friendly Talk Social Skills Story and Activities: A Teaching Resource

Teaching students struggling with social concepts becomes easier with Friendly Talk Social Skills Story and Activities. This resource is designed for children in kindergarten through Grade 5, focusing on essential Life Skills.

The Power of Social Skills Stories

Social skills stories have proven their efficiency in helping children understand complex social behaviors. This material uses clear language and breaks down information into understandable steps. The story guides students towards acceptable behaviors in various situations.

Versatility and Convenience

  • Coloured version: Suitable for classroom scenarios.
  • Black and white version: Designed for individual use, allowing students to write directly onto the sheets while colouring the pages.
  • Animated PowerPoint: Perfect for distance learning setups – it's an engaging way to give control over the pace to each pupil.

Beyond a Basic Story: Additional Features

  1. A Colouring Book Companion:: Keeps students engaged during reading or leisure hours at home thus promoting skills reinforcement outside class hours.
  2. Skill Builder Activity Pages:: These activities are designed to help teachers pursue skill generalization among their learners effectively.
  3. An Animated PowerPoint Story: It comes complete with intriguing animations for maintaining student engagement tipping favorably again towards remote learning set ups.

      This tool can be utilized across whole group sessions or small break-up groups - it could also become valuable homework assignments permitting reinforcement of learned skills at home. Beyond meeting Special Resources curriculum requirements, this resource helps cultivate vital life skills within communicative scenarios thus shaping well-rounded learners readying better towards future interactions within society.

What's Included

Included Please Find: 53 Pages

Social Skills Story: Color Social Story, Great For The Classroom

Coloring Book Companion: Black And White Social Story, Great To Give To Yours Students To Color In While Reading and/or To Send Home To Support Generalization

Skill Builder Activity Pages: Great for generalization of skills

Animated PowerPoint Story: Fun animations help keep students interested. Click and advance at their own pace. Great for distance learning!

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