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I Know What Bullying Is, Social Skills Story and Activities

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Life Skills


Grade 2, 3, 4, 5





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About This Product

I Know What Bullying Is, Social Skills Story and Activities

This educational resource offers a comprehensive guide for teachers and homeschoolers to explore the topic of bullying with children in grades 2 through 5. Effectively introducing, developing, and expanding social skills, this tool's clear descriptive language appeals particularly to those who may struggle with social comprehension.

Product Features:
  • An engaging illustrated story, ideal for classroom viewing.
  • Two skill-building activities , developed with diverse learning styles in mind:
    1. Behavior Sort: An interactive exercise to teach children to categorize instances into bullying, mean teasing or friendly teasing.
    2. Coloring Book Companion: A black and white version of the story that encourages children to color while they learn - a useful home-based reinforcement resource for parents.

Flexible use within classrooms allows for whole group discussion during regular teaching sessions or small group activities. These could even be used as innovative homework assignments fostering reflective thinking on their personal conduct towards others.

Note:All offerings are downloadable as PDFs catering ease of print requirements whether you're educating from classrooms or navigating distance learning.

In adopting this resource , teachers foster decisive conflict resolution skills while nurturing empathy among students by making them aware about what constitutes appropriate social behavior and building healthy interactions.

What's Included

Included Please Find: 34 Pages

✔️ Story; Color Version {great for the classroom}

✔️ Skill Builder Activity 1: Behavior Sort {Is it bullying, mean teasing or friendly teasing?}

✔️ Skill Builder Activity 2: Coloring Book Companion {Black and white version of the story, great to color in and send home for generalization.}

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