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Valentine's Addition Through 20

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Kindergarten, Preschool, Grade 1



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About This Product

Valentine's Addition Through 20

If you're in search of an engaging, fun-filled learning activity for Kindergarten and Grade 1 students, or need a unique addition to your homeschooling curriculum, Valentine's Addition Through 20 has got you covered.

This resource is armed with the ability to augment the understanding of basic addition principles featuring a Valentine’s Day-themed twist designed to keep learners engrossed. It comprises of interactive slides centered around reinforcing comprehension of addition up to twenty.

An Interactive Learning Experience

  • Kids can add two groups of countable objects on each slide together hands-on.
  • The opportunity for students to drag and drop their answers into place bolsters engagement!

Versatile Utility in Varied Learning Environments

  1. Ideal for whole group lessons in traditional classroom settings.
  2. Fits perfectly well within small cooperative learning groups.
  3. Suits individualized assignments or homework tasks perfectly.
  4. A worthy supplemental teaching tool within Special Education settings too!

This resource is conveniently compatible with multiple platforms – including Microsoft PowerPoint & Google Slides- thus offering versatility depending upon accessibility considerations. Each downloaded file consists of twenty diverse slides enriched with charming graphics and a captivating Valentine's Day theme guaranteed to enhance student interest and pique curiosity. In summary; 'Valentine’s Addition through 20' seamlessly blends holiday-themed fun while fostering indispensable maths skills efficiently across various teaching modalities – hereby proving its worth as an effective educational tool!

What's Included

PowerPoint formatted for Google Slides too.

Included are 20 slides with different objects on each slide for optimal student engagement.

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Valentine's Day Addition Interactive learning Countable objects Holiday theme

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