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Valentine's Day Addition Matching Cards

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About This Product

These Valentine's Day-themed addition cards, designed for kindergarten math centers, are an excellent resource for practicing addition within 10. Offering hands-on experience, the cards assist students in solving math facts by finding the sum for each card, using number sentences and picture addition. This practical approach offers numerous opportunities for learners to engage with and hone their addition skills.

What is Included:

  • Addition cards with addition sentences with numbers.

  • Addition cards with addition sentences represented by pictures.

  • Addition cards with picture addition of squares.

  • Addition Math Mats and heart counters to assist students in solving each addition fact

This addition card set contains addition fact for sums within 10. Students will find these math addition cards engaging and fun. These cards easily differentiated so students on different levels can still be successful. By including the addition number bond, number sentence mats and counters, students are provided a hands on way to solve each problem if they need the extra support. Teachers may choose to use candy hearts or other manipulatives to assist in counting if they do not wish to print and prep the heart counters.

These centers are easy and low prep, just print, laminate and cut. They can be used as task boxes, traditional math centers or as morning basket or morning tub activities. By using a task box to store the matching addition cards, students will have a center that is easy to set up, use, and clean up. Teachers will love the easy to store nature that a task box provides!

How Can These Activities Be Used?

  • Task Boxes

  • Math Centers

  • Morning Tubs

  • Morning Baskets

  • Early Finishers

  • Emergency Sub Plans

  • Small Group Activities

Skills Assessed

  • Addition with to 10 with number sentences and picture addition

  • Practicing addition fact fluency

  • Using objects to solve addition problems

Resource Tags

Addition within 10 Addition within Ten Addition Math Centers Kindergarten Addition Addition Facts Addition Fluency Sums up to 10 Sums within 10

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