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Valentine's Day Narrative Writing Guide!

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About This Product

Introducing the Valentine's Day Narrative Writing Guide

The Valentine's Day Narrative Writing Guide offers a unique and engaging approach to teaching narrative writing, perfect for educators such as public school teachers and homeschoolers aiming to make the most out of the Valentine's Day week. This resource taps into students' natural creativity while sharpening their narrative skills, letting their imaginations pave the way.

Key Elements of The Guide

  • A comprehensive writing process from planning to final result.
  • A visual narrative map template for initial stages of plotting.
  • Detailed research charts for developing individual narratives.
  • An outlined activity that demands more in-depth writing skills to draft narratives.
  • Famous romantic tales for inspiration alongside peer editing checklists and grading rubrics which perfectly aligns with standards such as CCRA.W3., CCRA.R2., CCRA.L1., & CCRAL 2 for transparent marking.

Versatility in Use

The ease at which this product can be implemented makes it versatile for use in whole groups or smaller settings as well as homework assignments depending on teacher preference or requirement.

Format Flexibility

This instructional material is provided in both black & white and full color formats,, perfectly catering not only during Valentine’s Day but anytime when romance stories come knocking at your lesson door!


All immediate student assignments related to this resource are readily accessible via EASEL by TpT activities thus providing a seamless integration with any learning management system in place, easing teaching preparation.

What's Included

A “10-second sub plan” (print and drop on your desk!) or the basis of a week-long writing unit, your purchase includes:

A narrative map template that assists students on selecting their Valentine's story’s setting, main character, love interest, and conflict (almost no writing required!)

A research chart so students can develop the details of their narrative

A narrative outline activity, where students can take their map’s visual guidelines and begin drafting their narrative

A Valentine's Day narrative writing assignment sheet that includes descriptions of famous romantic stories, a due date calendar, general narrative writing tips, a peer edit checklist, and standards-based grading rubric (Standards: CCRA.W.3, CCRA.R.2, CCRA.L.1, and CCRA.L.2)

All 4-pages of this lesson are provided in B&W and full color (for lucky teachers with access to color printing!)

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