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Thanksgiving Narrative Writing Guide!

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About This Product

Thanksgiving Narrative Writing Guide

An imaginative teaching resource designed to interweave creativity and learning during the festive holiday period, with a focus on improving narrative writing skills of students.

Main Features:

  • A highly interactive approach
  • Creative beginning through a narrative map template
  • In-depth exploration of student's favorite aspects using background chart assignment
  • Preliminary drafts from visualization to writing via guided activities
  • Comprehensive narrative assignment sheet with examples, tips and tools.

Narrative Assignment Sheet includes:

  1. A step-by-step guide for crafting captivating autumn narratives
  2. An easy-to-follow peer-editing checklist Rubrics conforming CCRA.W.3., CCRA.R.2., CCRA.L 1., CCRA.L 2 standards.

    You'll receive both colorful & black-and-white copies (four pages total) simplifying your printing needs irrespective of available resources or aesthetics preference!


    This product can be easily integrated into different classroom setups: group activities or solo assignments; its effectiveness remains. It's also compatible with EASEL by TpT platform ensuring effortless adaptation into any digital learning strategy - be that public schooling or private homeschooling.

    In conclusion, the Thanksgiving Narrative Writing Guide offers an enjoyable and creative approach to enhance students' writing skills while fostering meaningful conversations around the holiday traditions.

What's Included

A “10-second sub plan” (print and drop on your desk!) or the basis of a week-long writing unit, your purchase includes:

A narrative map template that assists students on selecting their Thanksgiving story’s setting, main character, conflict, and theme (almost no writing required!)

A background chart so students can develop their narrative and reflect on their favorite elements of Thanksgiving

A narrative outline activity, where students can take their map’s visual guidelines and begin drafting their narrative

A Thanksgiving narrative writing assignment sheet that includes descriptions of famous stories from the fall season, a due date calendar, general narrative writing tips, a Thanksgiving story writing peer edit checklist, and standards-based grading rubric (Standards: CCRA.W.3, CCRA.R.2, CCRA.L.1, and CCRA.L.2)

All 4-pages of this lesson are provided in B&W and full color (for lucky teachers with access to color printing!)

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