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Valid Samples & Inferences QUIZ

An educational teaching resource from The Math Cafe entitled Valid Samples & Inferences QUIZ downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

Valid Samples & Inferences QUIZ

The Valid Samples & Inferences QUIZ is designed to adhere to the 7th Grade Statistics & Probability Standards. The objective of this resource is to anchor student comprehension about how statistics can be leveraged to extract information about a larger population group by studying that population's sample size. The secondary aim is to emphasize that creating accurate generalizations about a targeted audience can only be achieved if derived from representative samples.

This understanding is pivotal towards grasping that random sampling contributes towards generating these representative samples and accordingly fortify valid inferences.

Intended Users

  • Public school educators searching for classroom exercises or homework tasks.
  • Homeschooling parents seeking sequential methods of introducing fundamental concepts.

The scope for implementation spreads across various teaching scenarios like:
  • In-class whole-group lessons
  • Small-group projects
  • Solo assignments

  • Or even within flipped classrooms.

This intuitive education tool comprises of a 10-question quiz distributed in two different formats: printable (PDF) and digital (Google Forms). Educators have the option to download it for offline use or utilize it online on Google Drive as per the step-by-step instructions offered on an introductory page . Another attribute featured here includes an 'answer key' embedded right within in its content, ensuring ease-of-use!

Potential Applications:

It's specifically aimed at supporting grade-7 Mathematics students under the category of Statistics. This makes it beneficial for focused evaluations, initiating new chapters or revisiting crucial notions during end-of-unit reviews. Bring the Valid Samples & Inferences QUIZ into your instructional plans today!

What's Included

This resource contains the following items:

1) 10 Question Quiz in both a printable format AND a version for Google Forms.

-Download the PDF and follow the link on the introductory page to copy the Form directly to your Google Drive.

2) Answer Key

Resource Tags

statistics probability valid samples random sampling inferences

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