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Canadian Wildlife Flashcards

Canadian Wildlife Flashcards
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About This Product

Canadian Wildlife Flashcards

With the Canadian Wildlife Flashcards, educational enrichment becomes an exciting discovery of diverse species found on and around Vancouver Island. Painted in beautiful watercolor style, this brightly colored set with careful dedication to detail will captivate both curious learners and educators alike. Offering not just a visual delight, this set encourages interaction with a scientific focus in zoology that transcends specific grade levels.
This Set Contains:
  • Twelve individual cards that depict selected creatures of Canadian wildlife
  • An introduction to different species living in the unique ecosystems of Vancouver Island
  • Ranging from the majestic bald eagle to the elusive gray wolf
These materials promise students an immersive learning experience that is both visually stimulating and informative.
Also included:
  • A comprehensive poster featuring all twelve hand-painted animals offering another dimension to teaching opportunities
  • .
  • Ideal for classroom walls or used at home for homeschooling.

This package serves as an exciting tool attentive:

  1. Ideal for whole class instruction sessions or smaller study groups within the classroom setting.
  2. The use of interactive learning strategies such as memory games or group competitions based on identifying species portrayed can inject fun into lessons while reinforcing knowledge retention.

    This resource also pertains within a PDF file providing easy access for teachers aiming for top quality end products when printing these materials onto preferred paper types such as watercolor paper for an even more realistic finish echoing original painting feels.

    In conclusion,

    This wonderful Canadian Wildlife Flashcards serve as supportive instructional resources promoting cross-curricular ties between Science and Arts education domains expanding lesson boundaries beyond conventional teachings while enriching student knowledge about Canada's vibrant wildlife diversity.

What's Included

1 PDF File for the Materials.

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