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MORE African Savanna Animals

MORE African Savanna Animals
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About This Product

More African Savanna Animals

This product is an instructional tool designed for educators who aim to expand student knowledge in the scientific field of zoology. It features a second set of hand-illustrated, watercolor savanna wildlife flashcards - each with a captivating wildlife illustration and corresponding name. The pack broadens the range of species you can explore with a total of 12 cards.

Complimentary ID Poster

A notable feature is the complimentary ID poster, which consolidates all animal images from these flashcards for a comprehensive view. This resource serves as an extension to our original African Wildlife Set and aims to introduce pupils to additional diversity in savanna animal species significantly.

Suggested Usage

For best results, print these educational resources onto high-grade paper or watercolor paper ideally - for creating a tactile finish that can enhance engagement through its appealing texture.

Digital Delivery Format

The materials are digitally delivered in 1 PDF file format ensuring ease and convenience in accessing across multiple devices.

Grade Suitability

This product has proven effectiveness across different age groups from kindergarten up through grade five students showing interest or studying zoology-based science topics.

Potential Scenarios for Use:

  • An interactive whole group activity where students learn by seeing and saying out loud together during identification practice using poster or flashcards.
  • In small group instructions or individualized learning sessions where students use these cards as hands-on learning aids promoting independent exploration about savanna animals' identities.
  • A homework assignment option where parents help extend student knowledge about diverse savanna creatures – allowing for fun family interaction backed by course-related scientific knowledge expansion at home's comfort.

What's Included

1 PDF File for the Materials.

Resource Tags

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