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Viking Dragonship Paintings

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Fine Arts


Grade 3, 4, 5, 6



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About This Product

Viking Dragonship Paintings Teaching Resource

Viking Dragonship Paintings is an engaging teaching resource designed to catalyze creativity and foster a love for history among 3rd to 6th-grade students. This comprehensive art project enhances artistic skills while deepening historical understanding, transporting students back to the era of Vikings.

Designed For Ease-Of-Teaching

The resource offers step-by-step guidance on creating complex forms like Viking dragonships from simple shapes. Important painting techniques such as wet-on-dry and wet-on-wet are emphasized, along with an innovative technique of modifying paint texture using salt! The project can be incorporated into group activities or assigned as individual projects.

Included Content - PowerPoint Presentation!

The robust content in the form of a PowerPoint presentation stimulates informative discussions about Vikings and their famed Dragonships while providing tips on various painting techniques. The presentation includes:

  • 29 slides: rich with teaching strategies, learning goals, and questioning tactics meant to stimulate critical thinking.
  • Success Criteria: clearly defined to measure learning effectiveness at the end of the module.

List Of Necessary Supplies Provided

We offer a list detailing all necessary supplies like pencil paper, sharpies watercolors paintbrushes watercolor paper along with an optional element – salt (to create different paint textures).

This unique blend of art and history makes lessons visually stimulating and intellectually provocative which promotes enriched development among today's learners. Use this resource effectively — ignite young minds' immersion into times hundreds of years past all while nurturing their artistic potential in your classroom or homeschool setting.

What's Included

A 29-slide PowerPoint Presentation including:

Teaching strategies and tips

Learning goals

Informational text about Vikings, Dragonships, watercolor painting techniques + more

Questions for critical thinking

Success Criteria

Media/Supplies List

Step-by-step directions with visuals

Student examples

Resource Tags

Viking Dragonships Art techniques History Creativity

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