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Visual Supports Pack

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About This Product

Visual Supports Pack: A Comprehensive Guide

The Visual Supports Pack is a meticulously designed resource for educators' daily teaching needs. It’s ideally suited for kindergarten to grade 5 and specializes in the encouragement of visual learning - an effective approach to intellectual development.

The Functionality Behind the Aesthetics

Beyond boosting classroom decor, this pack serves as a vibrant learning tool featuring subject-oriented posters aiming at simplifying lesson assimilation. Topics range from proper body language practice, emotion expression with Emojis to easy facilitation of conversational turn-taking.

No Blurting Visuals & Problem Size Scale

  • A variety of No Blurting visuals help maintain orderly class participation and interaction.
  • The Problem Size Scale visual simplifies different problem sizes - making it easier for kids to distinguish between major and minor issues.

Personal Space Visuals & Try 3 Before Me Cards

  • Vital Personal Space visuals provide clear guidelines about understanding personal boundaries-a life skill promoting respect for individual space and privacy.

Included Try 3 Then Me , cards aim at encouraging students’ independence before seeking help thereby enhancing their problem-solving skills..

Multipurpose Educational Tool

This all-inclusive Visual Supports Pack caters to various educational purposes. Whether it's enhancing group or personal student understanding or conveying knowledge in an engaging rather than monotonous manner this tool delivers. It's adaptability extends from classroom settings via whole-group instructions or smaller groups stations even furthering engagement with homework assignments off-campus.

The entire package arrives in a convenient PDF format ensuring instant accessibility regardless of internet disruptions and seamless sharing between educators without concerns of file corruption linked to software compatibility issues.

Ultimately, the Visual Supports Pack amalgamates key components that enhance students' receptivity towards learning within diverse contexts through visually appealing interfaces that provide realistic social and academic experiences.

What's Included

Included In This Pack Please Find 65 Pages:

> No Blurting Visuals

> SLANT Visuals

> Conversational Turn Taking Poster

> Emoji Emotions Posters

> Body Language Poster

> Glitch Poster

> Notice Others Poster

> Expected/Unexpected Visual

> Link Poster

> No Nose Picking Posters

> Sharing Posters

> Personal Space Visual

> Try 3 Then Me Poster and Cards

> BEB Visual

> Point Your Eyes Visual

> Problem Size Scale

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