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Washington Crossing the Delaware: History - Hands On

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History: USA


Grade 1, 2, 3, 4



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About This Product

Washington Crossing the Delaware: History - Hands On

An educational resource that offers an immersive approach to teaching historical events, primarily focusing on the Revolutionary War. This unique teaching tool helps students discover its impact through experiential activities. Targeted at grade 1-4 students, it presents a hands-on approach to social studies within USA history.

The centerpiece of this resource

  • Washington Crossing the Delaware: A significant event from the Revolutionary War depicted in one of America's most famous artworks. Students are challenged to differentiate fact from artistic exaggeration through various creative activities throughout the book.
  • Poems, discussions, plays, and games are included to engage learners deeply and bring history alive in your classroom.

This resource enables educators to deliver comprehensive learning experiences either as independent tasks or integrated into a lesson plan. It's adaptable for different learning settings – equally effective for whole group lessons as for small group engagement or homework assignments.

Emphasizing Empathy and Understanding

In addition to dealing with historical facts; it advocates empathy towards all those affected by war – soldiers and civilians who experienced pain, hardship, fear during these testing times. By inviting studentsto imagine lives filled with hunger,coldness,andever present danger– they can truly grasp their struggles leading up to these monumental events that changed America’s future.

Last but not least,this resource is designed for easy access globally via its downloadable PDF format that accommodates compatibility across various digital platforms with minimal hassle such as printing them out if desired printed reference materials are needed too. Please note there's one product file available here on Teach Simple website– proving itself an invaluable tool regardless if usage context be physical virtual classroom environment alike!

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