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Watermelon Classroom Decor Bundle

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About This Product

Watermelon Classroom Decor Bundle

The Watermelon Classroom Decor Bundle adds a vibrant, refreshing touch to your teaching activities. Suitable for teachers across all grades, it fosters an environment of secure learning and growth.

Comprehensive Offerings

This bundle caters to educators' need for customizing their classrooms according to space and budget constraints. The resource offers pre-made templates for easy printing or customizable options if preferred.

  • Label customization for libraries, word walls, and stations
  • Binder/Spine templates
  • Banners
  • Free fonts for consistency & cost savings

Specific Design Features

In addition to general elements like binders/spines,banners, labels this bundle provides special design elements customized around specific classroom needs such as:

  1. 'Meet-the-teacher' schedules
  2. Affirmation station messages
  3. .
  4. Editible class jobs descriptions & calendars

Versatile Resources Included

The package contains versatile resources including:

  • elegant classroom calendar layout
  • convenient flipped calendar system with powerful affirmation messages .
     Editible class jobs descriptions //. desirable voice levels instruction * ... <= //*>'. ... . //
  • edgy yet practical class schedule layout
  • This comprehensive bundle ensures teachers not only create an educational space both quickly and efficiently but also manage their resources affordably without compromising quality or personal style.

What's Included

1-2 Alphabet Poster Options: Print and cursive. Lines are included. Alternate or use set of your choice. You have the option of using these posters with animal clipart to help students

2-8 Classroom Posters: Use to cover a bulletin board or simply post around your classroom. Light wood frames are around each poster to look like pictures

3-Binders/Spines: Use to organize all your data and info.

Teacher Planner, Student Planner, Sub Plans, Student Binder, Weekly Plans, Monthly Calendar, Meeting Notes, IEPS, Student Data, Assessments, Math Binder, Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Writing, Professional Development, Field Trips, Student Info, Passwords, Emergency Plans, To-Do’s, Gradebook, Schedule, and more. Spines in 2, 1.5, and 1 inch

4-Birthday Display: Print the cakes and add student names either by hand or use the editable PPT to make a class list

5-6 Banners: Simply print or use the editable PPT to add letters and custom sayings around your classroom

6-Various Size Labels: Tons of options to use for student name plates, library labels, bins, baskets, word wall headings, and more. Table numbers and group numbers are done for you

7-Teacher Toolbox: Use the premade labels or the editable PPT. to add what goes in your toolbox

8-Editable Hand Signals: These are intentionally left blank so you can decide which task goes with different hand signals

9-2 Meet the Teacher Templates: Can be used as newsletters as well!

10-Bulletin Board Borders and Banners: Use these matching borders to keep with the theme all around your classroom. More banners are included in a scalloped shape

11-Skip Count Numbers 1-12: Large skip count numbers in fun colors all ready to go!

12-Clock Intervals: Matching décor to help younger kiddos learn/keep time!

13-Flip Calendar: Although another calendar set is included, this one is super easy and tons more convenient if that’s your jam and you have limited space

14-Affirmation Station: 40 affirmations to post alongside your mirror to encourage positivity in your classroom

15-Class Jobs: Tons of pre-made class jobs, but 100% editable

16-Voice Levels: Simply print and post to remind students when each voice level is acceptable

17-Class Calendar: Months, dates, days, and years in a fun pattern to liven up your space. Includes Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, and ____ days of school

18-Class Schedule: Edit to fit how your day transpires

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