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Cinnamon Spice Mini Classroom Decor Bundle





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About This Product

Looking to revamp your classroom with cinnamon spiced earth tones, modern accents, and something different? This mini bundle provides tons of punch to get your classroom balanced and ready to go. Best of all, you are in control with how you use the pieces to create a space that is unique, budget friendly, and inviting to students.

This resource is meant to be editable so you can meet your classroom needs affordablyefficiently, and in no time at all! Use your own fonts, the labels, backgrounds, banners, and more to create a place that is all about a calm, beautiful, and sophisticated space for learning! 

What's Included


Editable banners: use PPT. to resize and add fonts to create welcome banners, center stations, birthday garlands, and more. These banner can be as large or as small as you need to fit your space

Editable Posters: 9 pre-made posters with light wood frames/encouraging sayings. Blank poster backgrounds are also included so you can create more or use the backgrounds to cover your bulletin boards and other surfaces of your classroom

Editable Binders/Spines: add your fonts to create binder covers to keep all your data and papers organized

Editable Teacher Toolbox: pre-made teacher toolbox labels are included, but you can use the template and your own fonts to personalize this to fit exactly what goes in your toolbox

Birthday Display: use the sweet cakes to celebrate birthdays. Print the cake slices, and use the editable candles to write students' names to place on top of each of the months

Editable Labels: various sizes of labels are included to fit cubbies, baskets, libraries, desks, and more to keep your classroom super organized. You can also resize these labels if you wish in the PPT. file to create a class calendar and more.

***printing on card stock will help save ink and give you a more even/vibrant end result!***

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