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We Worship Only You Sheet Music

An educational teaching resource from Twin Sisters Digital Media entitled We Worship Only You Sheet Music downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

We Worship Only You Sheet Music - Teaching Resource

The We Worship Only You sheet music is a unique and specially crafted teaching resource that caters to educators in public schools and homeschools. Developed to serve grades six through twelve, the resource spans the subjects of Life Studies, Art & Music with an emphasis on Religion. This distinct sheet music comes embedded within a four-page PDF format offering an engaging way of learning.


  • A single-line melody along with the full score designed for intermediate piano players.
  • Inclusion of guitar chords broadens its application to diverse instrumental setups.
  • An original praise and worship song composed by Hal Wright.

This comprehensive teaching tool boasts versatility, suited for both children and adults; its design incorporates harmony parts tailored for adult voices alongside simple melodies written specifically for children's vocal range—making it ideal for any size church choir or worship ensemble!

Education Application:

  • Public Schools: It can enrich Life Studies or Art & Music lessons through whole group instruction, prompting discussions about religion.
  • Homeschools: A wonderful tool to foster family cooperation during shared musical activities while concurrently enhancing understanding of complex musical compositions

The accessibility facilitated by its PDF file format ensures the uncompromised quality across different devices students might use throughout their day. The We Worship Only You Sheet Music encapsulates more than just a teaching material – it promotes potential fun-filled activities harmoniously integrated with effective learning experiences across multiple age groups, subjects, and settings.

What's Included

PDF with 4 pages included.

Resource Tags

worship music praise song teaching resource religious education interactive sheet music

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