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Web-Quest & Realistic Scenario Cards: US Constitution -27 Amendments

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Web-Quest & Realistic Scenario Cards: US Constitution -27 Amendments

Dive into U.S. Government with this hands-on activity where students explore the 27 Amendments to the U.S. Constitution. Through a web-quest, card-matching, and discussions of real-world scenarios, students will engage in higher-order thinking as they relate amendments to contemporary situations.

What students will do with this Web-Quest & Realistic Scenario Cards: US Constitution -27 Amendments:

  1. Use the provided class textbook and/or website links to understand the PURPOSE of each amendment and the reasons for its inclusion in the Constitution.

  2. Match 31 real-world scenario cards to the corresponding amendment. For instance, the 1st Amendment has 5 scenario cards, each representing its individual rights. This can be done individually or collaboratively. An example card might read: "Senator Hill and Congress members want a raise. Can they?" Through discussions, students will determine which amendment applies to each scenario.

  3. Conclude with a stimulating, creative Exit Card Activity to reinforce and extend their understanding.

** Activities can be undertaken individually or in groups, based on the teacher's discretion.

*** Both GOOGLE and traditional paper-based versions are available for your convenience.

About "Learning is a Passion Store": With 20 years of experience, teaching grades 6-12, my philosophy leans towards student-centric lessons. I believe in creating lessons that make students active learners rather than passive recipients. My store offers engaging, interactive activities focused on Government, Economics, U.S., and World History. Explore and find more enriching resources!

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