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Welcome To A'FIN'TASTIC Summer Bulletin Boards Kit, Door Decoration, Editable

Welcome To A'FIN'TASTIC Summer Bulletin Boards Kit, Door Decoration, Editable
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About This Product

Welcome To A'FIN'TASTIC Summer Bulletin Boards Kit, Door Decoration, Editable

The product is a versatile teaching resource perfect for public school teachers and homeschoolers alike. It comprises vibrant summer themed door decorations and bulletin board elements. The entire kit comes in a digital zip file format.

Product Features

  • Size: Each page is 8.5 x 11 (US Letter paper).
  • Editability: Personalize the banners with student's names using PowerPoint or Google Slides.
  • PNG Files: Comes with PNG files of letters in both color & B&W versions usable with Cricut machines for cutting purposes.
  • Included Files: Two PDF files, two PNG files enclosed within a ZIP file for easy storage and retrieval.

This resource caters to various grades from Preschool up until Grade 6. The themes focus around Holidays & Summers making it an engaging visual treat for students whilst promoting inclusivity through personalization.

Learner Engagement

Educators can involve students in decorating activities while fostering name recognition as they see their names creatively displayed around the classroom/learning environment.'Welcome To A’FIN’TASTIC Summer', as its name suggests brings about an exciting atmosphere within classrooms enhancing the joy of learning during summertime lessons.

  • This purely digital product does not involve any physical shipping thus being eco-friendly.
A flexibility that users must be prepare to experience and enjoy includes color variations on screen resulting in each piece presenting uniqueness.
Please bear in mind that appropriate software like WinZip is necessary to retrieve ZIP files. Get ready for a colorful summer with this wonderful resource!

What's Included

️1 Zip file has 2 PDF files and 2 PNG files.

1 PPT file (Power Print) You need Powerpoint or Google Slides to edit student names.

All files are high quality. You should have the WinZip program on your computer.

One Saying: In Color & B&W

Resource Tags

Editable Summer themed Bulletin boards Door decorations Personalization

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