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WH Questions with Pictures

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Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2



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About This Product

WH Questions with Pictures is a great resource for students to practice the use of question words through writing questions based on illustrations presented to them.

In this WH Questions with Pictures booklet students will go through 35 different pictures and answer what, who, when, where, and which questions regarding each picture. Once students complete the first 35 cards they will write their own who, what, when, where, why, and how questions using the remaining 5 picture cards with the worksheet included.

This practice will help students identify colors, differences, and patterns in an environment and form better questions.

In this WH Questions with Pictures resource, each page contains two of the same cards with illustrations. Each card presents an illustration and a question using the words who, what, when, where, and which. Under each illustration there are multiple choice answers that go from two options to five options.

This WH Questions with Pictures was designed for students in Kindergarten, First grade, and Second grade. These are great conversation starters as well as for practice. These can be used in groups, literacy centers, pairs of students, or individually.

This WH Questions with Pictures comes in a PDF file with a total of 38 pages.

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