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NO PRINT Leprechaun Tricky Situations Social Skills

NO PRINT Leprechaun Tricky Situations Social Skills
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Grade 1, 2, 3, 4, 5





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About This Product

We all know that well-planned and -played tricks can be fun, but tricks that cause problems can result in negative reactions. What better trickster to help your students understand the effects of different types of tricky situations than a Leprechaun, who is not always up to something good! The Leprechaun in this social skills and problem-solving language pack has 15 tricks for your students to discuss the trick itself, the potential reactions and consequences, gauge the level of the problem, and then come up with a solution for the Leprechaun. Don't forget to collect ALL the Leprechaun's gold coins along the way!

Although this resource was created with the virtual class in mind, it is beneficial for all venues of service delivery including face-to-face instruction with an iPad/Tablet or SMARTBoard.

What makes this resource interactive and user-friendly?

Use the navigational arrows to move back and forth between sections with ease. Use the "back" and "next" buttons to transition between pages fast to return to the place you left off at with ease.

Please ask any questions you may have before purchasing.

What's Included

What's Included?

15 Tricky Situations with...

Identifying the tricks effects (the PROBLEM)

Identifying potential reactions

Gaging the level of the problem (No problem, Small or Huge problem)

Identifying an appropriate solution (even if there's not a problem!)

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