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Where do the Candidates Stand on the Issues? Website Research

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Grade 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

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About This Product

Where do the Candidates Stand on the Issues? Website Research and Analysis is a 23-page interactive and engaging lesson plan for middle school and high school students as they study the upcoming presidential election. The purpose of the lesson is for students to analyze the differences between the two major party candidates running for president by having them explore each of the candidates’ websites as well as a third website that shows their different perspectives on key issues. In addition, students will also explore 1 third-party candidate’s website.

Working in small groups or with a partner, students will explore each of the candidates' websites and will analyze and assess them based on the following: how visually appealing they are; how easy the content is for them to read or view; which coalitions or groups support the candidates; how they present their positions and goals; etc. The assessment is a 5-6 paragraph essay in which they analyze and present their opinions on which website does a better job of presenting their information and why. The detailed lesson plan includes a rubric and a graphic organizer to scaffold the writing process for struggling writers, ELL and RSP students.

The lesson plan includes the following:

  • a hyperlinked Table of Contents

  • About this Resource: a table that places key information in one place at the beginning of the resource

  • the pdf includes a forced copy link to the Google Doc so you can edit the lesson

  • an Essential Question:

  • 3 Guiding Questions:

  • Standards, Objectives, and Learning Targets

  • The following handouts:

    • Where Do the Candidates Stand on the Issues?

      • 1. About the Candidates:

      • 2. Coalitions:

      • 3. Where the Candidates Stand on the Issues:

      • 4. Information from a Nonpartisan Website:

      • 5. Third Party Candidate

    • Final Thoughts: Explaining Website Preferences

    • Rubric: Explaining Website Preferences

    • Explaining Website Preferences Graphic Organizer

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election website analysis candidates' positions critical thinking research civic engagement media literacy analytical essay rubric scaffolded writing

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