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Whom Shall I Send? Sheet Music

An educational teaching resource from Twin Sisters Digital Media entitled Whom Shall I Send? Sheet Music downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

Whom Shall I Send? Sheet Music

This original composition is user-friendly with versatile integration possibilities. Aimed at intermediate piano players, it provides a simple and beautiful melody plus full score arrangement to engage developing musicians. It's not just a mere piece of sheet music, but also serves as an interactive teaching tool across various grade levels from Grade 6 to 12.

Key Features:
  • The composition includes guitar chords for string enthusiasts.
  • A detailed 7-page format crafted to facilitate easy understanding and enjoyable learning experience.
  • A great resource for subjects of Life Studies, Art & Music and encompasses aspects of Religion too.

Lyrical content centered around the story of Jesus’s birth makes it ideal both during regular school days or holiday periods – igniting student's comprehension about religion.

Potential Uses:
  • It can foster communal participation while reiterating educational goals.
  • T Teachers might consider using it for group activities in classrooms where students split into small groups or as individual tasks that provide subsequent shared discussions.
    If you’re seeking efficient cross-curricular resources -- providing not only knowledge but also sparking creativity in young minds, look no further than this music sheet. About the Creator:
    This arrangement is crafted by Hal Wright. It helps young learners appreciate subtleties in music whilst understanding its relevant context in religious studies.

    What's Included

    PDF with 7 pages included.

    Resource Tags

    composition piano guitar chords religion comprehension interactive teaching

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