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Why Do We Laugh? Interactive Listening Activity

Why Do We Laugh?  Interactive Listening Activity
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Grade 3, 4, 5





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About This Product

Why Do We Laugh? Interactive Listening Activity

As a resource that caters to the development of Grade 3, Grade 4, and Grade 5 students' diverse language arts skills such as listening, speaking, and writing, Why Do We Laugh? Interactive Listening Activity is something every educator should consider. Focused on fortifying students' English as a Second Language (ESL) skills while enriching their knowledge in health science subjects, this activity is truly unique.

About The Pack

Driven by an engaging news story available on the BTN website about the scientific aspects behind laughter, this pack intertwines elements of humor with education. Through this platform, students get access to realistic scenarios where they can employ their understanding in listening and writing activities. Simultaneously it adds a new perspective on understanding human health and kindles interest in the field of science.

Versatile Application

This interactive tool includes:

  • Engaging class discussions topics for entire classrooms or partner groups.
  • Vocabulary-rich segments aimed at strengthening grade-appropriate language arts competencies.
  • Note-taking practice based on heard stories to reinforce comprehension.
  • Creative writing tasks to nourish imaginative contribution from young learners
Bonus Audio Files Included!

The virtual audio files bundled within provide broad usability without restricting educators’ scope for teaching. Homework assignments can be planned utilizing these files besides conventional classroom execution adding diversity into each learner’s educational journey. In conclusion,'Why Do We Laugh?' stands out due to its commitment towards effective teaching processes by bringing fascinating subjects like health science closer through a language arts module thoughtfully integrated into one seamless interactive learning activity.

What's Included

It includes:

- Listening notes.

- Vocabulary.

- Partner discussion.

- Comprehension.

- Writing.

It is suitable for:

Resource Tags

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