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Why We Eat What We Eat Lesson

Why We Eat What We Eat Lesson
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About This Product

The 'Why We Eat What We Eat Lesson' is an insightful teaching resource designed to educate students on the factors that influence their eating habits. This lesson targets pupils from grade 6, all the way through to grade 12 and provides a well-rounded understanding in Health under P.E. & Health subjects.

Teachers will find this resource particularly useful due to its comprehensive coverage of various aspects tied to our food choices. The lesson begins with a thought-provoking query, What Influences Food Choices?, intriguing the students’ curiosity about personal food selection habits.


  • 25 slides, each packed with informative content
  • Tackling emotions associated with different foods in 'How Would You Feel?' segment
  • Intriguing personal recounts of dietary experiences in 'What's Your Food Story?'.

Eating Right and Feeling Well:

This significant transition helps move from understanding personal nutritional preferences towards advocating for healthier food choices; meticulously structured keeping pedagogical theory at its core thereby ensuring educative engagement amongst pupils.
A format includes an engaging activity further exploring what influences eating habits accompanied by a handout aiding efficient classroom interaction. This streamlined PowerPoint presentation shared via PDF can be easily used for whole group instruction or as a tool for small group discussion facilitating deep dive explorations within health education sphere. Alternatively, it can be given out as homework assignments nudging learners towards introspection into why they eat what they eat extending learning beyond classroom boundaries too!

In conclusion,the 'Why We Eat What We Eat Lesson' is not just another teaching tool but rather an edifying journey waiting to unravel myriad influences shaping dietary inclinations amongst modern day young learners reinforcing healthier nutritional choices.

What's Included

What's Included? A lesson plan, PowerPoint (PDF format) and a handout

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